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Barbara's Testimonials *

* No Guarantees given based on testimonials as results will vary by person.

I knew the moment I met Barbara, she was the healer for me. She is an amazing listener and her input is so very valid. What always strikes me is her memory. From visit to visit she remembers your entire history and because of this you feel understood, heard and valued.

Barbara assisted me and guided me through a powerful transformation in my life. I suffer from PTSD, Major Depression and Alcoholism. Through Barbara's guidance and hypnotherapy I was able to create a space where I am always safe.. Her goal is not to get you hooked on visits for life, but rather to return you to your life. This is what Barbara did for me.

Stephanie Kelly
Artist, Reiki II Practitioner, Survivor

Before I gave myself the gift of regular sessions with Barbara Stafford, I was stuck. Not only was I unable to move forward, I was not even sure what it was that I wanted.

I have been guided gently with clarity. I can now move forward with small steps while accomplishing tasks that used to overwhelm me. I have been shown how to get out of my own way. Barbara has helped me to achieve several large goals. I now own my own beautiful home and am no longer a renter. I was able to declutter, pack, move and unpack with her assistance. I moved through it all without falling apart -- the qualifying for the mortgage and the entire move.

I am kept on track and reminded of my short-term daily and weekly goals to help me stay on track. I feel supported in her care. She holds me accountable for my work and the best part is now I am unstuck.

Amanda Davis-Robison

I have tried just about everything to relieve anxiety--changing my diet,
going to a psychologist, self-help books, worksheets, etc.

Going to hypnotherapy over the past couple of months with Barbara has been the best
thing I've done. I've noticed little changes in my thinking patterns, much greater
overall peace and calm in various situations, clearer thinking and enhanced creativity.

Barbara is one of the most accepting, warmest people I've ever met.
You feel you could pour your heart out to her (she's an awesome listener)
and you would be loved, accepted, and totally supported.

I would encourage anyone who's at the end of their rope with other types of self-help
and treatments to give Barbara a try. Hypnotherapy is both super relaxing and yet
energizing at the same time.

It works well for me because I want to be in control of my own health care and not
just rely on someone else to do it for me, and with hypnotherapy I get the boost I
need to find my own healing. I really love that.

JW, Colorado Springs

Dear Barbara and Future Clients:

Barbara Stafford, Certified Hypnotherapist, how do I begin to say all that I have been able to accomplish with the help of this amazing woman?

I have been seeing Barbara as a hypnotherapist for about a year. And wow what a difference a year makes. I began with Barbara as a supplement to other forms of health care to include psychotherapy. I have had an ongoing battle with depression and anxiety that therapy and drugs didn't help and only caused some truly terrifying side effects. I wanted to only to live my life free of drugs and expensive therapy.

I was going through several difficulties when I first walked into Barbara's cozy little office and I was at once assured that this was not a forever kind of process, that I would one day no longer require her assistance. Something I had never heard from a health care professional, mental or otherwise. Although I did see Barbara more frequently at first, now I only see her once a month to keep my improvements going and to work on anything new before it becomes an issue. Listed here are some of the mountains I have summited.

Dental work was horribly difficult, as I was incredibly afraid of the dentist. Yes, that is WAS! I was so bad that the dentist had to prescribe Valium before each visit and occasionally supplemented that with laughing gas. Not to mention the sleepless night before or the anxiety prior to the appointment. No longer, I can drive myself to the dentist and not have to take debilitating drugs and my dentist and I have a much better relationship. Considering I have some gum issues, I go regularly.

Driving... I have been in several car accidents and the last one in 2009 was the straw that broke this camel’s back. I could hardly drive across town let alone long distances. Overpasses and bridges would put me in a panic that would make my stomach turn, but now those places and feelings that triggered my driving anxiety are gone and once again I enjoy going for a drive.

Heights, I have been terrified since I was a child. Even a stint in the Army and I never overcame that fear. A friend of mine offered me the chance to see my beloved Broncos a few times this year. My friend’s seats are only a few rows from the top of Mile High Stadium. After some exercises with Barbara I can now report that I helped to cheer my Broncos on to a winning season without being terrified of the height or the escalator. Go Broncos!!!

Overall Health and Weight, Barbara calls me the incredible shrinking woman and I like that title! I am about to turn 50 next month, and it scares me because my mother died at the age of 51 due to smoking. Thankfully I gave up cigarettes quite a while ago. I know though that if I had been a smoker still, Barbara could have made that mountain much easier to scale. With the help of Barbara I have shed many inches and am 2 sizes smaller. I no longer take sleeping medication every night and my portion sizes seem to magically become smaller. It is almost as if a switch goes off in my head and I realize I am full with half a plate of food left behind. I am drinking more water and am exercising more regularly. I am determined that I will not go the way of my mom.

With all these amazing changes in my life, I can for the first time begin to visualize a better happier me, and truly I thank Barbara with all my heart for helping through this adventure.

Lori Hetherington
Very Satisfied Client

After hearing of a few people who had stopped smoking through hypnotherapy I decided to find out if It could help my chronic insomnia.

At the very first session with Barbara I felt extremely relaxed and the knots and aches in my back and neck muscles had vanished. For weeks following that session and without even being conscious of it, I was taking deep breaths that felt very relaxing and kept me calm and helped me sleep much better. I scheduled a second session, after which I knew that hypnotherapy with Barbara was definitely working for me and I started going regularly and have been doing so for a year now. The hypnosis sessions accompanied by Barbara's teaching of some very effective self-help skills and affirmations changed my life. I became less anxious, more self confident, more relaxed and no longer sleepless!

We also worked on improving the functioning of my underactive thyroid; I am very pleased to note that at my last physical exam the results of my thyroid tests amazed the doctor.

Barbara is a very skilled hypnotherapist and a very passionate, positive and caring person. If you are someone looking for an alternative treatment and are considering hypnotherapy in Colorado Springs, Barbara is definitely the person who will help you.

Marie Layton

"I really thought I couldn't be hypnotized. Someone had tried to hypnotize me as a girl, ostensibly to have a cyst go away on my wrist and avoid surgery, but my mom also wanted him to ask some prying questions. I did not cooperate with them. As an adult, I had wanted to, and tried to be hypnotized by two other professionals, in order to address some of my childhood trauma without success. It felt relaxing, but ineffectual. This left me with a strong conviction I could not be hypnotized. When a friend of mine experienced a dramatic shift through her work with Barbara Stafford, I wanted to have my own breakthrough with my own baggage. I was highly skeptical when I went in for my first session, however Barbara had me in a hypnotic state straightaway.

Barbara is one of the most powerful healers I have ever had the privilege of working with. She has a most exceptional soothing and loving voice. I had been struggling with lifelong issues of insomnia, low self-esteem and not totally being able to clear past trauma, no matter how many psychologists, workshops and other techniques I had worked with over the years. Barbara got me the results I had been seeking, and with the speed of a quantum leap. Today I sleep better, and am more fully empowered to achieve my goals, and I have greater trust in myself and in my life than I have ever known before. Each and every session with her was wonderful, and she is a delight to work with! I am now experiencing a happier, healthier and more successful life, thanks to Barbara's amazing abilities."

Zvia Bird

I have to pass this along...I suffer from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain that will only get worse as the years go. No medication numbs the pain I am in. I have found some relief from a very unexpected source ... hypnotherapy with Barbara Stafford. I will admit I was very skeptical but for the first time in years, I have slept more than a few hours the last 2 nights. I am so thankful!
Slept 7 hours, woke up a few times but went right back to sleep!! You are amazing!! Barbara Stafford, you are the best!! Hypnotherapy really does work!

Kristina Weatherford

Barbara Stafford is an incredible hypnotherapist. Her clarity, warmth and knowledge assisted me in creating wonderful changes in my life. Changes which made a difference in my life. I am very grateful to have experienced sessions with Barbara. Choices are important and life and choosing someone compassionate to work with makes a difference!

Charlotte Stone
Wyndstone Hypnotherapy

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2005 after several years of experiencing extreme pain in the joints of my fingers. For the past two to three years I have only been able to slightly bend the first two fingers of my left hand. After working with Barbara Stafford for three sessions, I am now able to completely bend all of my fingers. More importantly, the pain has greatly diminished. Barbara is a caring hypnotherapist and I deeply appreciate the time we spent together.
Thank You Barbara

Warmest Regards
Melody Williams

Barbara Stafford is a very gifted hypnotherapist. She is passionate in helping clients with their desire to heal past or present issues, habits or pain. Her knowledge and professionalism is beyond reproach. Barbara Stafford is a credit to her profession.

Raven Stone
Wyndstone Hypnotherapy

- They happen when we let them

I thought I had that down, but after four years of being unemployed and severely underemployed, having given up multiple times, and then dragging myself back into the game, only to throw up my hands again

– I went to see Barbara.

Just relaxing and letting her guide me to my inner wisdom, unique abilities, personal power and openness to the richness of Life turned everything around for me. And in a matter of days.
I told her it was uncanny, but I also know deep down that it’s not. Not really. We just have to reconnect with the Flow.
And I have been functioning from a place of joy, acceptance, confidence and wonder ever since.

I came home that same day and had a call for tutoring work. The next day, I received an email offering me a part-time position in education. The next day, there was yet another call for tutoring. Then, within a couple of weeks, a local university with whom I had been corresponding for almost two years suddenly asked me to teach summer courses for them. They had just been waiting for the right time and circumstances - ! - and *poof* – They didn’t even need an interview – They hired me on the spot.

Four years of virtually no work, seven years of seeking guidance – and I’m pretty good at that... But, Barbara helped me to find that Center and to resonate with my Path. And I was happily reminded that I can expect miracles when I am open to them. I knew that - I’d just forgotten! Thank you, Barbara!

Cathie Hartmann

Uhm, something happened this morning I thought I'd share...have to. I took a shower this morning (shocking, right?! Hehe) and about 20 minutes later I'm pouring a cup of coffee when I realized that I had been saying affirmations in the shower. Then I smiled because I realized that I had believed it. By the way...thank you for the sleep! My bed has never put me to sleep so nicely & when I woke at 3 to go to the bathroom, I never fully woke and heard nothing inside.

Rachel Widgen

I am a firm believer that all things in this life happen for a reason, and this could not be more true of my journey to Barbara Stafford.

I had reached a point in my life where my anger and depression were crippling, and I was desperate to find answers. I knew that it was not fair to my family or myself to keep on the destructive path that I was traveling. I knew that in order to bring significant change to my life, I was going to have to do something that I was not comfortable with. I had heard that hypno-therapy could be effective, and I had reached the point where I knew I needed to find out.

Since being diagnosed with PTSD I have been part of quite a few different treatment methods offered by the Army and the VA. All of those treatments combined do not come close to the positive affect that Barbara has had on my life in such a short amount of time. She has given me the ability to feel like I can breathe again, and there could never be a monetary value for the way that I feel. I will be forever grateful!

Thomas Renteria


Hypnotherapy is an educational and self-improvement process that facilitates access to a person's internal resources to assist him/her in solving problems, increasing motivation, or altering behavior patterns to create positive change.

Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy. Barbara Stafford does not practice medicine or psychotherapy and her services are not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment. No service or product provided is intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition. Medical support hypnotherapy is used only as an adjunct to conventional medical treatment. Consultation with a licensed physician is required before medical support hypnotherapy services are provided.

Hypnotherapy is a proven, adjunctive method to complement such ongoing treatment and care. Because hypnosis and hypnotherapy are a series of self-help skills and their effectiveness depends on the client, no guarantee can be made regarding results of their use.